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Media Training

Okay – you’ve got 12 seconds to tell us why we should care about your issue. Ready? Go…

Successful spokespersons have to make every word, every second count when doing an interview. If they don’t, the audience switches over to the Duke’s of Hazzard reruns or the Food Channel and a critical communication window is shut – maybe forever.

Successful issue advocacy campaigns don’t just require paid media messaging to be compelling. They also oblige spokespersons to echo that messaging in clear, concise terms that resonate. Done effectively, that can make a positive impression on millions and help incorporate the voice of the people in your cause at no cost.

We’ve worked with more than 2500 public and private sector executives – from Fortune 500 Corporations to members of Congress – helping prepare them for nearly every possible media encounter.

We’ve never met a spokesperson who hasn’t been quoted out of context or pushed off message by an aggressive, skilled reporter or host. Focused, structured training helps minimize that.

Our workshops are designed to help you identify and refine key messaging and talking points for your campaign – ensuring that the message delivered on the stump is consistent with your paid media.

And, our workshops are not generic. We study your organization and both sides of the issue at hand. The result is a workshop agenda directly relevant to your cause and objectives.

Through extensive on-camera, real-world exercises, participants learn how to utilize their time with the media effectively; how to say what they want and need to say, rather than what a reporter or host might be setting them up to say…They’ll learn how to be quotable and how to build the skill and confidence necessary to come out on top – even in the toughest interview situations.

Most of all they’ll learn how just a few minutes of focused preparation in advance of an interview, will guarantee a much better result.

BTW, we can present your workshop at our studio facilities in Chicago or take it on the road to wherever your office or conference center may be.

Here are the workshop sessions we currently offer:

Media Training Workshop – a half or full-day session specifically designed for one-on-one training; a small group or plenary session at an annual meeting.

Message Development Workshop – a full day, more intensive program designed to augment communications for a key issue advocacy or public policy campaign.

Contact us for details and pricing.

We’re so confident that you’ll find our sessions so valuable, that we’re going to offer a thumbnail workshop free. Simply call our office at 708-923-7082 and we’ll send you a sample workshop disk loaded with media survival tips free of charge.