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Issue Advertising

Whether you need to incorporate the voice of the people to help leverage Congressional or legislative action or make your voice heard to get decision-makers to sit up and take notice, you need:

The Public Response Group…

At PRG we use creativity to transform human inaction into humans in action and to ensure that you have a place at the policy-making table.

We specialize in taking complex, challenging and controversial issues and boiling them down to the point where your target audience knows – in no uncertain terms – exactly what’s in it for them. Voilà – the cure for inertia.

We’ve been at the center of some of the most compelling national and regional public policy debates of the past decade including: health care reform, environmental and energy issues, education reform, transportation, electrical deregulation and economic development issues to name a few.

Firmly grounded in the real world – that comes from more than 75 years combined experience in political campaigns and direct-response marketing – we create no nonsense communications that grabs attention and compels change in attitude and behavior.

After viewing samples of our work, we’re sure you’ll agree it is inventive, emotional, often funny and always ‘spot-on.’ It’s also memorable and memorable is better. It requires fewer repetitions and that saves you bucks.

BTW, we don’t just develop award-winning issue advocacy campaigns. We also develop highly effective and successful direct mail fundraising and membership enhancement campaigns for your PAC.