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The Public Response Group

PRG is one of the nation’s top political advocacy firms for candidate and issue direct mail, radio and print communications.

We’ve helped elect candidates at the national, state and local level in 18 states across the country including our former President, numerous members of Congress and a governor or two along the way.

Our issue advocacy work on behalf of such organizations as American Airlines, the National Education Association, American Society of Anesthesiologists, National Association of Convenience Stores, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 134, Midwest Area River Coalition, Consumer Alliance for Electric Choice and the National Electrical Contractors Association of Chicago – to name a few – have yielded extremely positive results on relatively small budgets.

We’ve won 70 Pollies, International Summit and MarCom Awards over the past 8 years in the “Best Political Direct Mail”, “Best Public Affairs Radio” “Best Use of Humor” and “Best Issue Advocacy” campaign categories.

Whether it’s an election campaign, grass roots effort to leverage public policy or decision-making at the ballot box, we are among the best in developing cures for inertia to win support for your cause.

Here’s how we can help…

Strategic messaging… With a combined 60 years experience in political and public affairs campaigns from New Hampshire to Nevada, New Orleans to Chicago, our team can play an invaluable role in developing and analyzing survey research, formulating overall campaign themes and messages and structuring and executing demographic-specific communications plans.

Award-winning creative…You can’t dangle carrots in front of carnivores. People are more cynical about government and politics than ever before. If you don’t grab them with an image or opening five seconds on radio that really “connects,” you’ve lost them and wasted precious resources and time. Great ideas drop like flies around our shop because we strive only for those creative concepts that truly resonate with the targeted audience. That’s how you cut through the competition; that’s how you build support for your cause and that’s how we’ve won 53 national Pollies, Summit and MarCom awards over the last six years.

Micro-targeting…Creating radio or mail that grabs attention is only half the battle. You need to ensure that your message hits the right people. We move the process well beyond demographics and geography to employ the latest advances in voter modeling – building coalitions of support through micro-targeting.

In-house production…Award winning photojournalists; complete graphic design; political writers; advertising and direct response marketing expertise and award-winning producers — we offer all this in house. When you chose us to partner with you get us. It’s what makes our turn around time unsurpassed.